About us

We’re trying to provide the best library of CC licensed music for content creators, while also empowering the artists that create it.


Unsplash revolutionized the hunt for great stock photos, while also creating a platform for photographers to gain unrivaled exposure.

But for great audio, the hunt was tedious & time-consuming, until we launched cchound in April 2018.

Back then we were the first of our kind, and it “blew up” in the best way.

But the digital management behind it, northside, fell into a high-growth trajectory, and we had to focus on our clients business. As a result, cchound was left unattended.

I am sorry for that. But I, together with my team, have now initiated what we call project phoenix, where our objective is to bring cchound back to life, better than ever.


We have three main focuses moving forward:

1. Growing the library of cc-licensed audio rapidly, with the same standard for quality.

There will always be someone bigger, and that is fine with us, as our only ambition is to become the best. We win when it’s easy for you to find the right track, rather than spending precious time browsing through an endless scroll.

2. Empowering artists & curators like never before.

Without the artists pouring their heart & soul into their craft, we would not have anything for you to use in your next project. The only way to make this working long-term, is to either help the artists gain exposure through their work (to ultimately get a paid gig) or get paid for it directly. We aim to do both. And we aim to do this in a way where the artists share of revenue is no less than 93.5%.

3. Practice radical transparency in everything that we do.

In order to make this work, to penetrate & revolutionize a industry of this size, we have to be different. Entirely different. By practicing radical transparency we won’t have anything to hide behind, ultimately making us stronger in the long run. We’ll show you exactly how much traffic we get, how many plays & downloads we’ve had, and even how much revenue* we’ve generated for the artists & curators.

*Don’t worry, you’ll always be able to find music that you can use for free here.

/Axel Antas-Bergkvist
Founder & CEO of northside, the agency behind cchound.com

Stockholm, Sweden. 2020-04-23

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